4 Tips for Finding More Work as a Freelance Programmer

4 Tips for Finding More Work as a Freelance Programmer
By: Payoneer Posted On: July 17, 2018 View: 39

4 Tips for Finding More Work as a Freelance Programmer

Even the most experienced freelance programmers sometimes struggle to find work. Potential clients won’t know about your specialized talents unless you get your message in front of them at the right time.

The following are some compelling tips to help you find more freelance programming work.

Bid at Project Sites

Sites like Upwork and Freelancer serve as an intermediary to connect freelancers with clients in need of services. Search jobs by specialization. Upwork, for instance, has project listings by category such as software development and IT.

Create a freelance profile that includes your resume, bio and portfolio. Then, develop pitch letters to submit on projects of interest. There are limits to your ability to access a lot of high-paying projects on these sites due to a lot of competition. However, they are a solid place to create an online presence and to obtain some initial resume-building work.

Contact Local Marketing, Design and Development Agencies

Search Google and local directories and make a list of any relevant marketing, design or development agencies in your market. These agencies often experience fluctuating demand for programming work from clients and like the flexibility of sourcing some freelance assistance.

With your list ready, develop a professional email, direct mail or phone call campaign to communication with creative or technical directors. Direct contacts to your website or online portfolio. Emphasize that you have an interest in current work as well as ongoing project opportunities.

Leverage Your Professional Network

We recently discussed how freelancers can benefit from building a strong professional network. One of the advantages is keeping your brand in front of current and potential clients. LinkedIn is one of the best online platforms for programmers to network with engineers, technical directors and other people in relevant roles.

Build a strong portfolio page, ask satisfied clients to endorse your skills and make recommendations, and get involved in groups and discussions. Agency and corporate technical leaders source LinkedIn for employees and freelancers. Thus, the larger your network, the greater your potential to land ongoing work.

Stay Socially Active

Beyond LinkedIn, there are a lot of other social networking platforms that allow you to build your online presence and to stay in front of potential clients. Twitter and Facebook are also excellent channels for professional branding. Include short bio details and a link to your website.

A professional blog is a powerful branding and marketing tool for freelance programmers. Discuss topics of interest to people in your target market. Share relevant tips that highlight your expertise and that offer value to prospects. Share your post links on social media and through other channels. Optimize your site for search to generate more traffic. Encourage visitors to subscribe to your blog or newsletter and to follow you on social media channels.


These are some of the most effective tips to help programming freelancers find more work. A multi-faceted approach allows you to keep your brand in front of the right contacts so they can reach out to you in their time of need.

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