The Killer SEO Strategy Too Many Writers Ignore

The Killer SEO Strategy Too Many Writers Ignore
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The Killer SEO Strategy Too Many Writers Ignore

If you found this message via a search engine, then we did something right.

Writing for humans is always better than writing for Google. You’ll get better results too. We’ve known this for years, and yet there are millions of articles found online that tout the SEO secrets of writing for humans and for Google.

Google it, we dare you. See the list of 6.7 million results? That’s how much we all buy this myth, but that’s just what it is: a myth.

Instead, a multitude of SEO study results culled by Search Engine Journal found that quality content that’s written to answer questions or solve a problem is most important for SEO, followed by the number of links back from other sites.

The power of authority

What constitutes quality content? Writing with empathy for the plight of an audience and then providing the necessary aspirin to relieve their pain – whether through links to resources, a personal story that’s relatable, or practical advice – increases the odds of your article being shared over and over.

The three-question test for authoritative content

Many Fiverr freelancers, such as alexkahn and liker101, specialize in writing this sort of content. Maybe you do, too, or simply want to improve results for your own clients. Ask these three questions before you start writing:

1. What does my reader need now?

Step into the perspective of your reader to decipher what it is that would most help them now and then write to that pain. Say you’re writing for the person who’s about to conduct their first eBay auction and doesn’t know where to begin. Teaching how to write an eBay product headline that gets clicks could be extremely helpful.

2. What advice can I offer to help fill that need?

Once you’ve done the work to really understand the need, go further until you’ve helped solve every problem related to your topic. For example, in the case of the eBay newbie, she may also need help understanding how to properly choose photos and what to include (and what not to include) in a product description.

3. What else do I need to know or learn to help the audience feel heard and understood?

Don’t file yet! Even if you feel like you’ve written a comprehensive piece, there’s still more you may be able to learn. Conduct a search for other articles on your topic — in this case, “eBay tips” or “winning eBay advice” may work — and scan for ideas. Are there any common themes your article misses? If so, add it, but write from your own perspective and in your own voice. The quest for comprehensiveness doesn’t give you license to plagiarize.

SEO is simpler than you think. Define the problem. Write with empathy and then provide the aspirin that’ll relieve your reader’s headache. The backlinks will come naturally if you do.

Have a different SEO strategy that’s worked well? Share your tips in the comments section below!

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