Lanoxin shipping

Lanoxin shipping
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Lanoxin shipping

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Information about Lanoxin.

LANOXIN may cause severe sinus bradycardia or sinoatrial block particularly in patients with pre-existing sinus node disease and may cause advanced or complete heart block in patients with pre-existing incomplete AV blockConsider insertion of a pacemaker before treatment with digoxin.

If you are taking Lanoxin and suxamethoniumused to help muscle relaxation and treat short-term paralysisyou may have an increased risk of high potassium levels in the blood

An electrolyte imbalancesuch as low levels of calciumpotassiumor magnesium in your blood

You should not use Lanoxin if you are allergic to digoxinor if you have ventricular fibrillationa heart rhythm disorder of the ventriclesor lower chambers of the heart that allow blood to flow out of the heart

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are takinghave recently taken or might take any other medicinesTaking several medicines can sometimes have harmful consequences or lead to unwanted interactions.

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