Using AI to Strengthen Your Ecommerce Business

Using AI to Strengthen Your Ecommerce Business
By: Payoneer Posted On: November 02, 2018 View: 21

Using AI to Strengthen Your Ecommerce Business

Artificial intelligence has infiltrated all facets of marketing and eCommerce in the last few years. As AI capabilities and tools increase in performance, it is more important than ever for online sellers to leverage technology to earn business.

The following is a look at some practical tips to help you use artificial intelligence to build a stronger eCommerce business.

Leverage Shopping Platforms that Use AI Well

In addition to strategies you implement on your site, latch onto shopping platforms that have already implemented artificial intelligence successfully. Strong AI is one of the multitudes of reasons that Amazon dominates the eCommerce space and attracts a lot of online sellers.

When you sell on Amazon, you benefit from the intuitive product recommendations the site makes to online shoppers. Amazon also sends AI-driven emails to shoppers based on intuitive assessments of the types of products that might interest a user. The more products you sell on the site, the more chances you have to benefit from these types of intelligence recommendations.

Utilize AI Advertising Tools

You can also leverage online advertising platforms that integrate AI capabilities effectively to improve your return on investment from digital ads. Google and Facebook, the dominant players in the online advertising world, have both been enhancing their AI features in recent months.

Google now allows advertisers to upload multiple ad headlines and descriptions, and the company then uses machine learning to identify the best ad-content combinations to present to individual users. This optimized execution increases your potential for attracting attention, generating clicks and converting shoppers into customers.

Similarly, Facebook has been incorporating AI into its campaign optimization tools to help advertisers quickly figure out which ads are performing well and which ones aren’t with regard to your declared campaign objectives.

Employ AI Customer Service Agents

Quality customer service is critical in the competitive eCommerce space. Users simply won’t put up with shopping experiences that aren’t positive.

The challenge for smaller eSellers is the lack of budget and resources to put into traditional service systems. Instead, you can take advantage of AI chatbots that engage customers on your site and leverage machine learning to personalize the interactions. Top AI service bots learn from user behaviors and site engagement and then communicate with relevant messages and suggestions.

Make Predictive Product Recommendations

Predictive product recommendations rely on machine learning from data captured across an array of digital channels. Use AI to learn from consumer engagement on social media, product reviews, call center transcripts, web analytics and more. Data gathered across these platforms offer insight into the way shoppers buy and the types of solutions they have interest in.

You can then deliver predictive product recommendations through your digital communication channels, like email and social media, and increase engagement from your audience.


These are some of the most effective ways that eSellers can take advantage of the tremendous capabilities of artificial intelligence. Incorporate these into your business to compete with other firms that are already doing so!

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