How Amazon oneTag can Grow Your Affiliate Revenue

How Amazon oneTag can Grow Your Affiliate Revenue
By: Payoneer Posted On: November 14, 2018 View: 12

How Amazon oneTag can Grow Your Affiliate Revenue

If you haven’t heard of Amazon oneTag, you are missing out on a great tool that helps affiliate marketers improve global revenue. In particular, it gives you access to the same types of granular data that marketers in other industries use to boost efficiency and performance.

The following is a more in-depth look into the features of Amazon oneTag and the benefits it offers for affiliate marketers.

Introduction to Amazon oneTag

Technically, oneTag is a JavaScript file that you download from Amazon and embed in your site. With the code in place, you can begin to gather and view page-based performance date that enhances your insight into which types of landing pages and products work best for your audience.

The file also enables oneClick, which is a feature that improves your ability to monetize traffic from international locations automatically. To view your reports through oneTag/oneClick, you just log into your affiliate console on Amazon, and select “Content Insights” and then “Content Performance.” You can download the reports for use in decision-making at a later time.

Amazon oneTag Benefits for Affiliates

Amazon only succeeds if its massive network of affiliates can attract customers and increase sales performance. The following is a look at some of the benefits the company has built into oneTag, along with the primary reasons that you should integrate it into your affiliate site:

Easy Access to Deeper Date – The combination of easy setup and deeper insights into your site’s performance are critical advantages. Holistic data on conversions limits your ability to understand which products drive sales. With page-based data, you can learn which products sell well, so you can enhance their visibility and expand your offerings with more relevant items.

Improved Content Marketing – Along with sales data, you learn which types of content perform well with your audience. Insights hone in on the topics that your audience show particular interest in, thus suggesting they want to learn or know more about them. Such insights are vital as you look to build successful landing pages and blog articles that increase site engagement and search engine rankings.

Automated International Monetization – By gathering personal data on your visitors and tracking behavior, oneTag/oneClick enhances your ability to target individual users with the right product promotions. This targeting increases efficiency and conversions from your global audience. Note that such data-gathering does require disclosure with a special privacy notation on your site, but the tool removes personally-identifiable data and partially hides the IP address to ensure user security and privacy.


Hopefully, it is now clear to affiliate marketers why Amazon oneTag is an essential tool for optimizing success in the global marketplace. Integrate oneTag into your eCommerce business to see improved results quickly.

As you grow your revenue with oneTag, it is a great time to think about how Payoneer can help you optimize your payment processing through our hassle-free and affordable global solution.

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