Tips for Getting More Reviews from Cyber Week

Tips for Getting More Reviews from Cyber Week
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Tips for Getting More Reviews from Cyber Week

Think that Cyber Week is over November 26th at midnight? Think again!

Once the buying frenzy is over and you have orders to fulfill, you have another important task – getting your customers to review your products.

Customer reviews are crucial for e-sellers looking to increase their sales and revenue generation. This is because product reviews can help convince customers that are on the fence to purchase a product. Additionally, some marketplaces, such as Amazon, factor product reviews into their product ranking algorithms, making it crucial for merchants to try and get as many reviews as possible.

Since Cyber Week is a top online shopping period, chances are you will have an increased number of purchases and that translates into an increased number of potential positive reviews.

Now all you have to do is follow our top tips to get your customers to leave reviews after Cyber Week is over!

Make Sure You Deliver “Review Quality” Products

When you ask a customer to take the time out of their day to leave a review for your product, your product needs to be review worthy. By continually having high-quality products that meet the expectations of the purchasers, you are already increasing your chances of getting a review.

Beyond sourcing high-quality products, be sure to have honest product descriptions and not to overpromise on items. If your products are faulty or not high-quality, you will not want reviews from customers since they may end up doing more harm than good.

Make sure that in addition to a high-quality product, you offer customers high-quality service, ensuring their entire purchasing experience is a positive one.

Insert a Request in the Package

If your orders are not fulfilled by a third-party company and you have the ability to modify package inserts from time to time, consider adding a review request to each package.

While it might not be possible to create a specific review for each product, try and make the request as personal as possible. Remind your customers that their opinion matters to you, and urge them to share their honest experiences (for better or worse).

Make sure your insert is visually appealing and makes them want to engage further with your brand. Don’t forget to leave your company contact information in the event that they need additional help or have further questions.

It’s important to remember that certain marketplaces, such as Amazon, prohibit offering discounts or special offers for reviews, so make sure you do not promise your customers anything in exchange for their feedback.

Automated Follow-up Emails

Once an order is complete and the product has been delivered, send a follow-up email to your new customer asking them to review their product.

If you are using a third-party email platform, such as MailChimp or Sendgrid, set up an automated drip campaign or trigger-based campaign to increase the chances of your customers writing a review.

Drip campaigns are a series of messages sent out at a specific time, e.g., one week after a purchase and three weeks after a purchase, which can be set up to remind customers to leave a review. Trigger-based campaigns are based on the interaction with the email, meaning that a follow-up email is sent if the email was not opened or a link was not clicked.

Both types of follow-up sequences can increase the chances of your customer leaving a review for the product. Pay special attention to your subject line, since it is the first thing your customers see and is likely to influence their decision to open your email or not. Don’t forget to use your customer’s name, the product they purchased and other merge tags to personalize emails.

Since Cyber Week is the start of the holiday season, always keep your emails friendly and wish them a happy holiday and new year.

What to do with Negative Reviews

While e-sellers always want to see positive reviews for their products, some negative reviews are unavoidable. Whether it’s because the product was damaged during shipment, the delivery was delayed or any other reason, a negative review can really get you down.

To handle negative reviews:

  • Always respond – Do not ignore negative reviews — instead respond to the reviewer and try to understand why they had a negative experience
  • See how you can make it right – If you have a reviewer that had a negative experience, see what you can do to fix it.
  • Do not argueNever argue with customers or blame them for a negative experience, especially in a public forum like a review.

Beyond reaching out to customers that had a negative experience, it’s important to internalize negative reviews and take lessons from them to improve future customer experiences.

Planning for Future Sale Days

Cyber Week is not just a time to boost sales and (hopefully) get a lot of reviews. It’s also a great time to fine-tune your sale day strategy and get your online business ready for the Christmas and New Year rush.

Make sure to continually deliver high-quality products, communicate with customers, and have the best online store you can have.

Don’t forget that every new customer has the potential to be a great repeat customer, and every customer experience matters!

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