10 AI WordPress Plugins for eCommerce

10 AI WordPress Plugins for eCommerce
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10 AI WordPress Plugins for eCommerce

Editor’s note: This is a guest blog by Nick Patel, Head of Marketing at WebbyMonks

“More than 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020.” -Gartner

The eCommerce industry is more competitive than ever.
Customers are enjoying chatbots and virtual assistant. Personalization is continuously improving customer experience. Customer insights are bringing significant findings for businesses.

In fact, you cannot beat the competition by solely focusing on customer experience, but it gives you a significant advantage over the competition. Personalized recommendations, virtual assistants, voice commands, responding to queries, preventing the sale of counterfeits, campaign management, and analytics are areas where AI is becoming sophisticated enough to anticipate the buyer’s need.

Top 10 AI WordPress Plugins for eCommerce

Following are the best 10 AI WordPress plugins for creating a better customer experience on your eCommerce website:

1. WordLift

Wordlift is a lightweight plugin with artificial intelligence (AI), which is helpful in growing your audience. Moreover, it helps you in producing richer content and organizes it efficiently around the target audience without requiring any technical skills.
WordLift is helpful in building a beautifully structured online store by organizing products, pages, links, and media for both- people and search engines. It supports the content writing process with contextual and trustworthy facts.
Enrich your content with images, links, and interactive visualization. It is the best way to keep your readers engaged with the relevant content recommendations.
The WordLift plugin works as an expert SEO for your website or online store. They offer plans for bloggers and enterprise.

2. WatsonFinds

This plugin provides you with insights about the emotional tones of your content and how your readers may perceive it as they read it.
WatsonFinds helps you to create content that will emotionally inspire your audience. Once you’ve installed the plugin on WordPress, it will add an icon to your content editor. It is built on the pioneering technology of IBM Watson.
Every time you analyze the content using this plugin, it will display a popup showing the insights with 5 different emotions: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear.
Use this plugin to get accurate insights about your content on your online store.

3. AMP for WP

Speed is a major concern for every eCommerce store, that’s where AMP for WP plays its role by optimizing the web for mobile devices. It is a technology developed by the Google AMP Project, which can make your store/website load faster when opened on mobile devices.
AMP for WP is an open source software, which increases your site speed by almost 4X times on mobile devices. It automatically adds accelerated mobile pages to your online store.
AMP for WP is fully GDPR compliant. The plugin enables user’s social commenting including Facebook, Disqus, etc. The plugin features an easy to use drag-and-drop page builder functionality. You’ll get support for custom post type, star ratings, Yoast SEO, AMP WooCommerce and many more.Get this plugin to accelerate the speed of your online store for mobile devices.

4. Google Language Translator

With the ever-expanding global market, it is essential to enable the best language translator for your online store. Google Language Translator supports and manages more than 90 languages, it gives you the power to promote your business in different local markets worldwide.
You can add the shortcodes to enable language translations facility on your products and pages. Install the plugin and simply select the languages you want to display on your store.

5. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

This is one of the best tools for malware scanning and removal to promote a safe and trusted online store. Get one-click scan and unknown malware scan with external link detection, it is easy and convenient to check blacklist status with a detailed investigation report.
This plugin uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn from false positives and provides you with improved results based on usage. Get this plugin installed and make your store is safe and trustworthy.

6. Live Chat – 24/7

This plugin is a combination of free live chat and chatbot.
The plugin gives you automated 24/7 support for a superior customer experience, round-the-clock. Easily add shortcuts to provide your agents with so they can access quick responses with ease.
Install and activate the plugin on your online store, then sit back and enjoy watching the bot answer user queries all by itself. The convenient interface helps you to easily switch between automated responses and live agent support.

7. Akismet

This is an amazing tool to check your comments and contact form submissions for spam to prevent the publishing any spammy or malicious content on your store or site.  Akismet automatically checks all comments and filter out the spam.
This plugin is developed by Automattic, the company behind It is one of the default plugins for WordPress, so make sure you enable it. Leave all your spam related worries to Akismet and focus on the more important things like managing and running your online store.

8. MobiLoud

This is a native mobile app solution for your WordPress store. MobiLoud is a smart way to turn your website into a mobile application and publish it to the App Store or Google Play store for you. The app runs fast and smooth on all types of mobile devices without any interruptions. Designed to follow the latest mobile design trends and iOS and Android design guidelines. This plugin gives users an intuitive user experience by guiding them, navigating through the content in the app.
Download MobiLoud to enable native app functionality to your store and you’ll be amazed by the speed and design of your store application.

9. MyCurator Content Curation

This is a cloud-based content curation application that is helpful for finding the most relevant content in a specific field backed by an AI-powered content aggregator. It can be useful in weeding out spammy content through AI classification. Ultimately, you’ll get the filtered content based on keywords and other chosen parameters.

This plugin supports all languages, meaning it can curate content in any language. Also, you can customize the RSS, Twitter, and Google Alert sources. MyCurator gives you options to manage images, pre-filled links, and excerpts in a variety of formats.
So, if you don’t have much time for content creation, this can help you with ease and effectivness.

10. Recomendo

An artificial intelligence powered recommendation engine with machine learning capabilities. Recomendo helps by showing related products to your customers anywhere on your store.  This plugin is useful for displaying recommendations to your audience based on their interactions with the store.
They offer a 1-month free trial with all subscription plans, try it out and start showing personalized recommendations to your customers and visitors.

These are the best artificial intelligence (AI) plugins for WordPress powered eCommerce stores. Select the most suitable plugins for your store to create a personalized, intuitive and safe environment for users.
Ultimately, customer experience can drive for eCommerce growth, and competition in eCommerce is all about the digital experience now.

AI is revolutionizing conversations and content so brands can provide personalized experiences to customers across devices. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can further enhance how consumers are targeted with products specifically for them. Make use of the power of AI to create a bigger and better impact.

Nick is a Marketing head at WebbyMonks – A full service digital marketing and WordPress development agency helping business across the globe to grow their online visibility, where he loves to explore cutting edge technology in the digital world. While not writing for

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