How to Use Holiday Gift Guides to Boost Your Fourth Quarter Sales

How to Use Holiday Gift Guides to Boost Your Fourth Quarter Sales
By: Payoneer Posted On: December 13, 2018 View: 13

How to Use Holiday Gift Guides to Boost Your Fourth Quarter Sales

A lot of eCommerce providers publish holiday gift guides as a way to generate traffic from consumers scouring the web for insights on the hottest new toys and gifts. Affiliates can benefit from the same approach to compete for critical holiday-season business.

The following is a look at tips for creating and promoting holiday gift guides to maximize your affiliate income during the fourth quarter.

Focus on Your Expertise

If you try to create a catch-all gift guide, it will get lost in the online clutter. In reality, you won’t earn search or social media traffic trying to compete with large sellers that sell a broad assortment of goods.

Instead, create niche- or category-specific guides concentrated on your top-selling categories. Include in-depth descriptions and information on hot items within your areas of specialization. It is more likely that you can earn strong referral traffic through search engines, social media and paid campaigns with this strategy.

Incorporate Visuals

People want effective visuals as they sift through gift guides. Before investing time in reading about the latest toy or gadgets, people filter their time by scanning images.

Include a high-quality image with every gift that you highlight. Consider incorporating short video content in your guide so users can see a demonstration of the item. Video content is a way to separate your guide from others.

Identify Potential Blog Partners

You could offer to create a gift guide for a website or blog that provides content in areas in which you sell. Send an email or reach out via social media and offer to create a guide in exchange for a few embedded links that drive traffic to your site.

In some cases, smaller blog operators that want traffic from gift guides but don’t have time will see your offer as a fair exchange of value.

Develop a Strong Promotional Strategy

Search engine referral traffic is an ideal way to leverage your gift guides efficiently. By creating niche guides, you can target specific keyword phrases like “Best Action Figure Gifts for 2018.”

Social media is also powerful for gift-guide sharing. Offer share buttons and tools on your site that enable your users to share your guide with friends and followers. A visually-strong guide is an excellent fit for Pinterest, for instance.

Pay for search or social placement. If you aren’t confident in generating organic traffic, pay to position your guide prominently in search results and social sponsored posts. A modest pay-per-click campaign that drives targeted traffic and efficient conversions can provide a strong return on investment.


Gift guides are sought-after by consumers who want to get great gifts for their loved ones during the holiday season. To compete with other eSellers, affiliate marketers need to create, publish and promote quality gift guides this season.

As you earn more revenue thanks to traffic and gift guides, use Payoneer’s online payment processing platform to receive your payments efficiently and easily!

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