7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Pinterest

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Pinterest
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7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Pinterest

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Jeremy Ong, owner of

Looking to scale up social media presence for your business? Pinterest might just be the low hanging fruit you’re looking for. With over 200 million users, Pinterest presents a huge opportunity to reach new audiences, and unlike other social platforms, Pinterest is commerce-centric.

As hands down the most visually powerful media platform, Pinterest has turned its users into a close-knit community that has far more organic engagement than Facebook or Instagram. This is because Pinterest is a network where people look for inspiration, including organically searching for new products from brands in their feeds, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, the platform is a great way to connect with an informed female market, who represent 80% of Pinterest users, (a.k.a., Pinners). If you have a new blog for your business, Pinterest is an excellent way to get free traffic.


With all the said, if you’re still on the fence on dabbling with Pinterest, here are 7 reasons why you should start right away!

1. Pinterest Organically Influences Purchase Decisions

Research shows that 87% of Pinners have bought an item because of the recommendations of Pinterest, while 93% plans to make a future purchase. Think of the platform as an enormous search engine for beautiful visuals instead of a social media platform, making it incredibly easy to find what you’re looking for.

2. Pinterest Can Help Drive Traffic to Your Business

Pinterest’s rich sharing features, including repins and boards make it incredibly easy for your business’s content to reach many users. An analysis that I came across recently shows that about 5% of total referral traffic seen on websites comes from Pinterest, a huge amount that’s only second to Facebook and easily surpasses other platforms, such as Reddit. Traffic from Pinterest can be more valuable than from other sources – according to Hootsuite, 39 percent of people in households worth $75,000 USD or more per year use Pinterest!

3. You Don’t Have to be Super Active on Pinterest to Benefit

This was one of the reasons that got me hooked on Pinterest in the first place – your business doesn’t need to be active on Pinterest to enjoy the platform’s benefits!

While other social media platforms require you to constantly come up with new content to stay relevant, Pinterest enables you to maintain your presence passively. This means you only need to allocate a little time for Pinterest to start seeing results.

Sure, an active presence on the portal will bring you more sales and traffic within a shorter span of time. However, the passive way to drive traffic from Pinterest is by setting up the right pinnable images and Pin It buttons on your website; this takes almost no time at all and has the potential to drive traffic forever! Trust me – I was able to create an entire business layout based on Pin It buttons and images!

Keep in mind that Pinterest emphasizes content shared by users instead of sponsored ads, meaning you’re not competing with other bidders; the reason why it’s so hard to expand your reach on Facebook.

4. Pinterest Allows Brands to Market Themselves Naturally

According to a recent research from Neustar published on Pinterest’s own blog, Pinterest users are more inclined to connect with brands on this platform. In fact, a whopping 98% of Pinterest Pinners go out and try ideas they find on Pinterest— compared to an average of just 71% on other social media platforms.

This organic way of discovering brands is also natively baked right into the user experience with features such as the “more ideas” tab, which is way less intrusive than having unsolicited ads showing up in feeds.

So, if you want a legit advertising foundation for launching your brand, then I would suggest you get on to Pinterest right away!

On top of that, Pinterest has been rolling new features to make it much easier to shop directly on Pinterest, with features such as Product Pins that takes you directly to the checkout page on a merchant’s site or the “following” tab that allow you to perfectly curate your feed.

5. Pinterest Users Have High Purchasing Power

If you’re looking to target the high-income earning demographic, look no further than Pinterest.

However, studies conducted by Oracle Data Cloud and Pinterest shows that Pinners are 39% more likely to be shoppers, and spend on average 29% more than non-Pinterest users. This is a highly sought-after target demographic, and the beauty of Pinterest is that you’re able to target this audience organically.

This means the brands that want to engage with such users on Pinterest will be able to connect with them at a significantly lower cost than what is required by other advertising channels.

6. Pinterest Allows You to Monitor Recent and Emerging Industry Trends

Pinterest has a huge stronghold on fashion, home decor, beauty, gardening and art industries! This access to an enormous amount of data and content is indicative of emerging trends, providing you with a bird’s eye view of your industry. As you go about pinning new images and/or creating new boards, keep an eye on what brands and trends acquire the most traction, including likes and repins.

These insights can then by incorporated in your own content, so that you can achieve similar results.

7. The incredible Sharing Potential of Pins

By far the most defining feature of Pinterest is the sharing options baked into Pins. It has been seen that promoted Pins are repinned an average of 11 times per advertisement.

Pins can even fetch you more inbound links. Every pin used on Pinterest contains a link that leads users back to the source of the image they have pinned. This is a great way to promote your business without being intrusive, an effective way to build brand recognition.

As the popularity of Pinterest grows, so does the possibility of your acquiring inbound links through this platform. Even though these can be “no follow links,” any sort of link that leads visitors back to your site always has its benefits.

Some of the best ways to grow the engagement for your pins include:

  1. Pinning and repinning those pins that are related to educational content, including DIYs, tutorials, etc.
  2. Use rich pins to attach media to the images you have pinned.
  3. Pinning large, vibrantly colored images will instantly attract more attention, getting loads of repins.
  4. Using relevant keywords for your boards and pins to acquire search traffic. This will help you to rank in an “on-site” search.


Pinterest is one of the coolest ways you can help your business reach a huge audience with high purchasing power for a low cost. I hope this guide is able to shed some light on the incredible potential in Pinterest and start generating results in this untapped platform.

Jeremy OngJeremy Ong is the owner of HUSTLR and multiple other blogs and eCommerce stores, including The websites I own as a whole bring in about 60,000 visitors, 3,000 email leads and close to 1,000 conversions each month. We’re currently doing about $50,000 in revenue each month. For more tips on starting an online business, check out the HUSTLR blog.

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