Taking Your Business to The US with Google Shopping

Taking Your Business to The US with Google Shopping
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Taking Your Business to The US with Google Shopping

“Over 75% of users in the United States rely on Google for some point of their shopping journey”.

That was one of the many takeaways from a presentation by Lindsay Dorf, Product Manager for Google Shopping Actions, at the recent Payoneer Mumbai forum. In it, she covered what’s needed to take your business to the US and how Google can help you maximize your reach. Here, we’ll be taking you through the highlights of the talk.

The full presentation can be viewed above.

Know Your Customer

When it comes to understanding your potential US customers, Google has plenty of data providing valuable insights into their shopping habits, including:

  • American consumers often search for entire lists of products, e.g., everything needed before having a baby.
  • There has been a 250% increase in searches for where a specific product should be bought.
  • 50% of users will abandon your site if it takes more than three seconds to load.
  • Borders no longer matter – American consumers often look for niche products from overseas stores.
  • There has been a 100% increase in searches for international deliveries.

Google Shopping enables you to reach these users by connecting them to your store throughout their shopping journey.

Google Shopping – How It Works

Google Shopping takes a three-pronged approach to bringing customers to your store.

1.     Connect with Shoppers at Each Step

To ensure shoppers are continuously interacting with your store, Google Shopping uses:

  • Integrated shopping, allowing for purchases straight from search results.
  • Voice activated purchases using Google Assistant.
  • Immersive storefronts.
  • In the future, Google Shopping will be integrated with Google Images and YouTube.

2.     Drive Action by Removing Friction

Google’s intuitive platform creates a frictionless shopping environment, driving users to action. This includes rich product description pages, complete with price comparisons, personalized recommendations and a smooth checkout process, enabled by existing user provided data.

3.     Accelerate Your Business with Insights and Automation

According to Dorf, Google Shopping “gives you the right data to get the right products selling at the right price”. This means that Google will be as transparent as possible to help you grow your business. Other benefits include:

  • Prominent merchant branding
  • Easy reordering and basket building
  • Actionable insights

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