Selling on CDiscount with Payoneer

Selling on CDiscount with Payoneer
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Selling on CDiscount with Payoneer

Cross-border online sellers can choose from a number of international marketplaces. Each one has its benefits and its unique market. For sellers interested in tapping the huge French online market, which is the second largest in Europe, CDiscount is one of your best choices.


What is CDiscount?

Established in 1998, CDiscount is part of the Casino group, France’s retail giant. Customers across France shop on CDiscount – the site attracts over 19 million unique visitors each month and is the location of a third of all France’s online purchases. There’s a wide range of products sold on CDiscount, adding up to listings of over 40 million products covering 2,000 subcategories. CDiscount’s product list has grown by over 80% in the last year, with tech items, family and leisure items, fashion goods, and home appliances, decor, and furniture performing the strongest. In fact, 41% of all France’s home appliance sales take place on CDiscount.

Why sell on CDiscount?

You can see that CDiscount is an attractive marketplace for international sellers by glancing at the roster of retailers already operating on the platform. Over 10,000 merchants from 70 different countries have chosen to sell on CDiscount.

Here are some of the reasons to sell on CDiscount:

  • CDiscount Fulfillment offers international sellers fulfillment support, including warehousing in its modern warehouse space, remote stock control so that you can manage your inventory, and packing, delivery, and returns. You can increase customer satisfaction thanks to CDiscount handling your returns requests and delivery tracking.
  • CDiscount transport services gather all your orders in real time through a single dashboard, so you can keep on top of deliveries. Through CDiscount transport services you can offer customers four delivery options including same-day home delivery in six major cities and same-day pickup from one of over 18,000 nationwide pickup points.
  • CDiscount seller support is available in six languages, including English, Spanish, and Chinese, from local customer service staff, so you always have someone to ask for help.
  • CDiscount à Volonté is CDiscount’s in-house customer loyalty scheme. When you use CDiscount Fulfillment, your products are offered for free delivery and given higher visibility to all CDiscount customers through CDiscount à Volonté.

What are CDiscount ads?

Through the CDiscount Ads program, CDiscount sellers can access a wide range of advertising products and media to boost their products’ visibility. CDiscount advertises frequently on French TV, radio, and other media, and you can use that advertising presence to promote your own CDiscount wares. You keep control of your advertising programs, thanks to the internal bidding tool which enables you to quickly and easily monitor and adjust your advertising budget.

CDiscount is your passport to the French market

As you can see, CDiscount is a strong eCommerce platform which should be high on the list of every cross-border merchant wanting to sell in Europe. It’s worth noting that CDiscount is still a much less competitive platform than Amazon, which gives your products the chance to shine and sell. As France’s leading online retail marketplace, CDiscount is your entry to the world’s sixth largest economy and one of Europe’s most prosperous export markets.

Start selling on CDiscount and get paid with Payoneer!

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