These Actionable Tips Will Drive eCommerce Sales

These Actionable Tips Will Drive eCommerce Sales
By: Payoneer Posted On: July 16, 2018 View: 39

These Actionable Tips Will Drive eCommerce Sales

You’ve established a professional website and designed a powerful user experience, but you aren’t receiving the eCommerce sales you hoped for at this point. The next step to get past this hurdle is to implement effective strategies that leverage your site to drive sales.

The following are some compelling, actionable tips that will help eSellers drive more sales and increase profits.

Seize the Global Audience

You have a tremendous advantage as an eCommerce provider in that you have access to virtually the entire global marketplace. The tricky part is getting your message out to the right consumers through effective channels and in the right way.

Instead of a general approach, customize your promotional campaigns to get particular products in front of country-specific geographic targets. Build a calendar with top-priority holidays, cultural activities and events that drive heightened buying enthusiasm. You can geo-target display, search and social campaigns to narrow consumer marketplaces.

Integrate Add-on Sales and Upselling

When you have to work so hard to earn a first-time purchase from a new buyer, it is important to keep the momentum going. Often, there are related products and accessories that customers aren’t aware of, but that can enhance the value they get from a purchase.

You might sell technology that allows for add-on carrying or protective cases, cables, chargers and extra features. A clothing sale sets the stage for add-on accessory efforts. Effective landing page descriptions that compare the increased value with a larger purchase contribute to upselling opportunities as well.

Use Automated and Personalized Emails

The shift toward automation marketing activities is still on the upswing. Automation allows you to leverage technology to mimic best practices and success in the way you reach specific customers with targeted messages on a delivery platform.

Email automation is one popular example in the current market. Automation software enables you to target people with product-based campaigns that align with their on-site behaviors. Retargeting campaigns are effective on Google AdWords and other third-party ad servers. Google is also moving toward including automated fine-tuning of multiple-version ad campaigns to hone in on the most efficient ad messages.

Deliver Great Experiences

Your best salesperson in the online marketplace is a very satisfied customer. Your happy customers spread the word about your business and brands via social media, review platforms and other digital channels.

Make a great customer experience a top priority. Maintain close contact with customers via email newsletters, social media and other tools. Ask satisfied customers to share reviews and social media posts. Google Reviews and similar platforms have become an important filter for online shoppers that start their investigation with a search engine query. Company and product reviews appear prominently in product-based searches.


These are some of the best, actionable tips to help eSellers generate more sales. Use these strategies and tips for maximizing your earning potential on the great customer experience you’ve created!

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