November 22, 2018  

What Year is it? Rebecca Black Parody Pumps Bitcoin Black Friday

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn It may have been elicited reactions varyin ...View More

China: Crypto Miners Sell off Mining Devices ‘by Kilo’ Amidst Market Decline

Cryptocurrency mining operations in China are reportedly selling mining machines by weight, as oppos ...View More

Wealthbuilding Guru Says Bitcoin Hodlers Have a ‘Problematic Mindset’

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Ramit Sethi, author of the bestselling  ...View More

Crackdown: Colorado Regulator Takes Down Four More ICOs

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn The Colorado State Department of Regula ...View More

What Is Going On With the Crypto Markets, Analysts Unpack Factors Behind 10-Days Slump

Over the last 10 days the cryptocurrency markets have endured a massive sell-off across the board.Th ...View More

Norway Withdraws Electricity Subsidies From Bitcoin Mining Farms

Norway has acting to end electricity subsidies for Bitcoin (BTC) mining facilities, Norway’s l ...View More

Norway Ends Power Tax Subsidy for Bitcoin Miners

The Norwegian government has scrapped a power subsidy currently granted to bitcoin miners. According ...View More

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