April 12, 2019  

Silk Road 2 Founder Finally Sentenced 5 Years After His Arrest

Immediately after the Silk Road was taken down in 2013, a marketplace known as the Silk  ...View More

Blockchain Use in Finance Still Faces Major Challenges: Chinese Researcher

The use of blockchain technology in the financial sector still face many challenges according to a m ...View More

Bitcoin Trader Claims Funds Misdirected – Crypto Exchange Screams ‘Scammer!’

Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today ...View More

Ethereum Core Developers Debate Benefits of More Frequent Hard Forks

How often is too often to alter consensus? A group of ethereum’s veteran open-source devel ...View More

Wikileaks Bitcoin Donations Soar Following Assange Arrest

Wikileaks’ bitcoin address has received a deluge of support following founding editor Ju ...View More

How to Buy Pain Relief Drugs off the Darknet With Bitcoin

Darknet marketplaces (DNMs) provide a wide range of services beyond those commonly portr ...View More

Binance Labs Grants $45,000 to 3 Open-Source Blockchain Startups

Binance Labs, the investment arm of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has awarded grants of $15,000 e ...View More

Coinbase Exec Dan Romero Leaving Crypto Exchange After 5 Years

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is losing another executive. Dan Romero, who works as vice presiden ...View More


Hi Everyone, The most famous hacker on the planet was arrested in London yesterday. Love him or hate ...View More

Exchangewar Lets You Compare Crypto Trading Platforms

Finding the cryptocurrency exchange with the best opt ...View More

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