August 16, 2019  

CoinGecko Joins AMLT Network to Combat Exchange Fraud, Scams, Hacks

Crypto market aggregator CoinGecko has joined the network of blockchain analytics and anti-money lau ...View More

Coinbase Reveals Password Glitch Affecting 3,500 Customers

Crypto exchange Coinbase disclosed a potential vulnerability Friday, announcing that a tiny fraction ...View More

Over 5 Million Merchants Throughout Thailand Now Accept Zcoin Payments

Privacy-focused cryptocurrency Zcoin is now available for spending in Thailand at any merchant regis ...View More

GE Stock Rebounds, Short-Seller Citron Slams 'Arrogant' Whistleblower

Formidable short-seller Citron Research slams whistleblower Harry Markopolos following his GE ‘frau ...View More

Dow Secures 265 Point Rally But Crippling Recession Fears Linger

The Dow secured a 265 point rally to close the week, but crippling recession fears continue to thre ...View More

Ethereum Coders Approve 6 Changes for Upcoming Istanbul Hard Fork

Ethereum core developers finalized late Thursday a list of six different code changes to be activate ...View More

FinCEN Director Reminds Casinos of Crypto Compliance Requirements

The director of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) said the casino industry needs to  ...View More

eToro Daily Update 16/08/2019

Trade eToro is a multi-asset platform which offers both investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies, as ...View More

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There are plenty of online payment systems out there that you can use to conduct e-commerce activities. Top online payment systems for accepting payments on the Web.