August 17, 2019  

Hubii’s Nahmii Announces IEO and First Member of Governing Board

Ethereum-based layer-two blockchain scaling platform nahmii has onboarded the Norwegian Block Exchan ...View More

Can Elvis Save Netflix? Content Streamer Shows Signs of Desperation

Netflix seems to be getting increasingly desperate with its choices for original programming. Do we ...View More

Crypto Markets Descending, With Bitcoin Price Sinking Below $10,200

Saturday, Aug. 17 —  Most major cryptocurrency markets have seen a slight drop today, with Bitc ...View More

In Billionaire Space Race, Sir Richard Branson Takes the Lead

The space race is heating up with bilionaires jockeying to be the first to propel humans into space ...View More

Bitcoin: This Research Proves the New Boss Is Same as the Old Boss

If just 0.023% of Bitcoin addresses hold 50% of the total wealth, isn't the new boss turning out to ...View More

This ICO Startup Didn’t Die During Crypto Winter. It Has DAI to Thank

The Takeaway: Monolith turned a $16.9 million ICO into $25 million-worth of assets by riding the bu ...View More

Coinbase Accidentally Saves Unencrypted Passwords of 3,420 Customers

Major crypto platform Coinbase has emailed 3,420 Coinbase customers to disclose an accident with cus ...View More

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