August 24, 2019  

Ethereum Is in a Bear Market, But One Analyst Explains Why He’s Long

Nowadays, it seems everyone is bearish on Ethereum and its Ether token (ETH) except for Placeholder  ...View More

Gloomy Stock Market Faces New China Taunt: We'll Get 'Last Laugh'

A gloomy stock market must wrestle with China's latest taunt, in which it warned it would "fight to ...View More

Bitcoin Bull John McAfee Shills Zombie ICO: 'You've Been Warned'

Bitcoin bull and IRS fugitive John McAfee is shamelessly shilling a Chinese zombie ICO, and he does ...View More

In Berlin, A ‘DAO Renaissance’ Begins

“It feels like a DAO renaissance.” That’s how Anastasia Andrianova, founder and CEO of blockchain-ba ...View More

FTC Settles With Promoters of Multi-Level Marketing Crypto Scheme

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has settled charges it filed last year against four promote ...View More

Crypto Funds Are Outperforming – You Shouldn’t Be Surprised

Josh Gnaizda is the founder of Crypto Fund Research. The opinions expressed here are the author ...View More

Doing What You Want With Your Money Is a Fundamental Right

Since the birth of Bitcoin, crusaders fighting for th ...View More

Bank of England Governor: Libra-Like Currency Could Replace US Dollar

Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, has suggested a transformation of the global finan ...View More

Research Suggests Tether Sentiment Could Provide Chance for Manipulation

New research from Augmento suggests a forward correlation between Tether sentiment, market capitaliz ...View More

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