October 08, 2019  

Nearly $10 Billion in BTC Is Held in Wallets of 8 Crypto Exchanges

6.7% of the entire circulating supply of Bitcoin (BTC) is held on the wallets of eight major cryptoc ...View More

Rob Gronkowski Is Returning to Football…but He’s Not Playing

No one really faulted Rob Gronkowski for retiring last year after winning another Super Bowl title w ...View More

Worst NBA Draft Bust Ever Resurfaces After 7-Year Absence

LeBron James, it turns out, isn’t the only marquee member of the hallowed 2003 NBA Draft still playi ...View More

Crypto Exchange Binance Launches Eighth Phase of its Lending Product

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the launch of the eighth phase of its lending product  ...View More

‘Scam’ or Iteration? At Devcon, Ethereum Diehards Still Believe in 2.0

The Takeaway: Ethereum’s creators now acknowledge the blockchain wasn’t built to scale as a mainstr ...View More

Blockchain in Crypto Trading: How Do Decentralized Instruments Work?

In cryptocurrency trading, everything is based on price movements, with market participants’ su ...View More

Telegram Finally Confirms It’s Behind TON Blockchain

After raising $1.7 billion last year and maintaining almost complete radio silence since, messaging  ...View More

Tiny $217 Options Trade on Bitcoin Blockchain Could Be Wall Street’s Death Knell

The cryptocurrency industry isn’t replacing Wall Street just yet. But inventors and entrepreneurs ar ...View More

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