November 05, 2019  

NBA Finally Makes Its Flagship Channel Available Direct-to-Consumer

NBA TV is finally available directly to consumers. The news represents a major turning point for the ...View More

Filecoin, But Forever: Arweave Raises $5 Million to Build Out ‘Permaweb’

A startup drawing on ancient history for modern-day inspiration has raised $5 million to decentraliz ...View More

Trump Got No Money From Ukraine, Clinton Got $25M From Saudis

As the Trump impeachment inquiry enters its next phase, GOP Senators will argue that there was a qui ...View More

Reddit Roasts $500k Lottery Winner Who Invested Half in Bitcoin

An Illinois man provides proof of his $500,000 in lottery winnings and claims he put half of them in ...View More

Oxfam’s Blockchain-Based Agricultural Insurance Pays Farmers in Sri Lanka

The United Kingdom-based charity organization Oxfam International announced the success of its block ...View More

UK-Based Electric Bike Company Launches SLP Reward Token

On November 5,, the SLP-centric tradin ...View More

Visa Statement on Tencent’s Intent to Support International Card Schemes into Mobile Wallet

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) today provided the following statement in r ...View More

Libra Won’t Spread as Quickly as Facebook, Says Calibra Exec

Libra will take years – if not decades –  to catch on says a Calibra executive. The new stablec ...View More

Ether on Lightning Is the Latest Bridge Crossing Crypto’s Great Divide

Ethereum developers are using the Lightning payments network to build bridges into the bitcoin ecosy ...View More

No Inflation? Here It Is – Hidden in Plain Sight

Popular among politicians, media, and central bankers ...View More

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