You Can Now Buy UK Gift Cards with the BitPay App

Right now, not every major brand is accepting cryptocurrency. To help fill that gap, BitPay began of ...View More

Ethereum Crash Course

BitPay is launching full Ethereum support soon and we wanted to provide a simple introduction to thi ...View More

BitPay Will Soon Support Payments from the Ethereum Blockchain

BitPay will shortly start supporting the Ethereum blockchain. That means you will be able to use you ...View More

BitPay, Open-Source, and SegWit

Last month, a user on GitHub reached out to us about a proposed change to our open-source Bitcoin c ...View More

Millions of Blockchain Wallet Users Can Now Pay BitPay Merchants

We're excited to announce that Blockchain’s 41 million wallets are now compatible with BitPay's Paym ...View More

Attack CNP Fraud & Chargebacks with Blockchain Payments

Last month, CNP (Card Not Present) hosted a webinar with BitPay's Chief Commercial Officer Sonny Sin ...View More

Back Up All Your Wallets in a Single Seed with BitPay App 6.0

On July 29th, BitPay released the latest version of the BitPay wallet app with an exciting new featu ...View More

Introducing BitPay Dashboards, BitPay ID, and Verification

Today we're introducing (and previewing) some important steps forward for payments, login, and ID ve ...View More

Blockchain 101: Decentralized Consensus, or How to Get Everyone to Agree with Nobody in Charge

Do you remember playing tag as a kid? It was so annoying when someone tried to change the rules on t ...View More

Where Can You Spend Bitcoin? Find out with the New BitPay Directory

Where can you spend your crypto? It can be hard to find businesses that sell the products and servic ...View More

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There are plenty of online payment systems out there that you can use to conduct e-commerce activities. Top online payment systems for accepting payments on the Web.