Limited Time: Get the BitPay Card for Just $1

One day we believe that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency will be the backbone of payments everywhere. But  ...View More

How BitPay is Securing the Copay and BitPay Wallets: NPM and Networking Security Updates for v5.3.1

On November 26th, BitPay was made aware of malicious code in the Copay wallet (the BitPay wallet was ...View More

Why I Joined BitPay

In my 14 years of solving global payments problems at PayPal and Western Union, I’ve grown cer ...View More

Andreas Antonopoulos and Payment Protocol

If you don’t know who Andreas Antonopoulos is, let me give you a quick introduction. Since 201 ...View More

What Can You Buy with Cryptocurrency? More Than You Think!

BitPay is always working to improve everyday payments with cryptocurrency. Since we launched Amazon ...View More

Statement on NPM Package Vulnerability in v5.0.2-5.1.0 of Copay Wallets

We have learned from a Copay GitHub issue report that a third-party NodeJS package used by the Copay ...View More

Why Is BitPay Settling to Merchants with Stablecoins?

Today, BitPay introduced a new stable coin settlement option: Paxos Standard (PAX). Paxos Standards  ...View More

One Man's Journey To Vegas Using Only Cryptocurrency

This week BitPay went to Money20/20 USA and Money20/20 came to Atlanta and the BitPay office as a pa ...View More

The 8 Must-See Talks at Money 20/20 USA

BitPay is attending Money20/20 and, before the conference begins this Sunday, we wanted to recommend ...View More

BitPay Introduces Stable Coin Settlements in Gemini Dollars and Circle USD Coin

Today we're excited to announce a new way for BitPay merchants to receive settlements for their Bitc ...View More

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There are plenty of online payment systems out there that you can use to conduct e-commerce activities. Top online payment systems for accepting payments on the Web.