eToro Daily Update 29/11/2019

It’s Black Friday Today could be a significant day in eCommerce and retail, as shoppers around the w ...View More

Where there’s smoke, there’s cash

Good morning, In UK stocks, British American Tobacco’s trading update was one of the highlights on W ...View More

eToro Daily Update 28/11/2019

US and China clash over Hong Kong Earlier this week, officials from the US and China sounded optimis ...View More

Another record for the US, Europe to follow suit?

Good morning, European markets have opened strongly this morning, pushing back towards record levels ...View More

A brief history of Zcash forks

Since its inception, Zcash (ZEC) has been a controversial cryptocurrency. Many in the space have acc ...View More

Over $7 trillion worth of BTC has been transferred since 2009

Here’s what you need to know: We found the total amount of bitcoin that’s been transferred since 200 ...View More

Mining profitability: Dash mining remains strong

A number of prominent cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, and Bitcoin Cash, have seen  ...View More

61% of Bitcoin hodlers could sell at a profit

According to The Block, up to 61% of Bitcoin hodlers could sell at a profit. Towards the end of the  ...View More

Day of the Deal

Good morning everyone, Trade deal hopes once again dominate headlines and it seems confidence is ret ...View More

eToro launches the Fan Financial Statement

Premier League match-going fans will have to shell out £1.3 billion this season to follow their team ...View More

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